Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hubby's Sewing Skillz

I don't sew, but there is a sewing machine in my house.
It is for my jack-of-all-trades husband.

He likes to bring it out once in a while and make pillow covers, blankets, or VESTS for ugly sweater parties.

His latest project? A doggy sling!
Like a baby sling, it's for carrying Yoda around hands free!

You see, we like to sneak Yoda into stores with us.
So we'll usually stuff him in a hoodie or jacket and let his head poke out the neck.
With the Yoda Sling, we can bring him places and not worry about stretching our sweaters.

So practical right?

Can't you tell how much Yoda loves it?!

Tom even made a hole for Yoda's tail!!

Can you handle the cuteness?

P.S. The American Flag will not be residing on that wall for much longer. We were just trying to get the wrinkles out.


  1. I love that the picture is in front of the flag! Hahah, it makes his invention seem way more historically significant this way!

  2. OH. MY. You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!! That is so awesome. How much for one for Harry???? He won't need a tail hole, though...he only has a nub....
    BTW, I think the US Flag looks quite patriotic on your wall and in this photo....I say leave it....we can make it our standard back drop for photos at your house!

  3. Okay, I must admit I have a new admiration for your great husband!
    We need slings for Coco and Willie.

  4. Lol. Well, he does have a talent for sewing!

  5. Ha! Tom showed me the initial prototype a while ago and told me you couldn't wait to blog about it...funny. He really is a Jack-of-all-trades.

  6. Wow. Tom really is the Jack of all trades. AND, that is the most random invention. AND, tell Tom I have lots of sewing projects for him around here...