Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Heart Cake on Studio 5

Yesterday I did my first real segment on Studio 5.
I was soooooo nervous, but everyone on the show was so nice and helpful!
Check it out!
(The original blog post is here. The heart cake on my blog actually looks better than the heart cake on the show.)

Please don't make fun of how many times I say "I know, right?" like a valley girl.

Please do make note of how awesome my nails look. Thanks to Ashley for the awesome french manicure!!
And thanks to Annie for teaching me how to curl my hair properly!

A few people have asked about my apron.
It's from Anthropologie.

Also, don't forget the purse giveaway closes Feb. 5th.
Enter here.


  1. Lesli! You did soooo good! You are a star!

  2. This is AMAZING! You look beautiful! The apron is an EXCELLENT choice. Well done!!!

  3. Next time you're on the camera, can you throw my name out? Just asking...
    Congrats you look super cute.

  4. How awesome Lesli..great nails, great hair, great cake idea. Viewers must be dying for more! I know I am.

  5. Once again, the cake looks AWESOME, you looked HOT (I totally noticed the nails!), and you looked like a total natural! In short, you are a looker!

  6. I was very impressed!