Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar (Wild) Night

It started as a normal Sunday night...

I invited my best girlfriends over (Mallory, Ashley, and Gaby) to watch the Oscars with me.

To make us feel more glamorous, we wore tiaras and high heels with our jeans.
And then we pigged out on sweets...LOL!
That's something those skinny actresses can't do!

This is one of the treats Mallory brought over. Brownie bites with cream cheese icing and fruit.
Ashley got a little creative with hers.
Is it a happy face? Or something else...?

Ashley brought her dog Roxy over. Yoda thinks she's his girlfriend and try to make love to her ALL NIGHT! (They're both fixed.)
Roxy likes to play hard to get!

I had all my friends fill out papers with their Oscar pics.
I only got TWO wrong! But that's mostly because I watched the Oscar pre-show and knew what all the predictions were.

All that is pretty standard Oscar night stuff right?
Well, since my celebrity crush, James Franco, was boring the heck out of us hosting the awards show, we had to spice things up ourselves.
So here's where things started to get a little crazy...

Since we were feeling glamorous, we started taking GLAMOR SHOTS with my camera.

Here's my glamor shot with my tiara and sparkly earrings (and crimped hair).

Here's Ashley showing off her tiara.

Ashley's real glamor shot. She has the preggo glow!

Gaby's glamor shot! She's being all coy by not looking at the camera!

Mallory was the first one to really start CHEESING it up. She was lying all over the couch for her poses!

Then Gaby surprised us by pulling out a shinny silk curtain out of her bag for us to use as a red carpet dress!!

Isn't it fabulous! Ashley looks better than a preggo Natalie Portman!

And like Natalie Portman, Ashley cried during her acceptance speech.
(Pretend the Christmas tree is an Oscar.)

This is Ashley's Vanity Fair cover shot.

Then it was Mallory's turn with the Oscar dress!
She "Mormon-ized it"

Even when Ashley was tailoring the dress, Mallory kept on posing!

"Who are you wearing?"
Ashley's a natural with a light sabre - I mean, a microphone.

"This old thing? I designed it myself!"

Mallory's modest acceptance speech with the Christmas tree.

And here are my unflattering photos.

Those are some acting skills!

Gaby isn't in nearly as many photos as she should be! How did we let her get away with not trying on the curtain dress!
Next time, Gaby...Next Time.

And you know it won't be long until there's a next time, because the party was SO MUCH FUN!!
Let's do it again next weekend!!
(Taco night! Woot woot!)


  1. You guys are so dang fun!!! I love all the photos.

  2. Sorry Lesli, it is Jackee. I never know when Adam is signed in instead of me...oops!

  3. ha ha. I might have done something like this while watching a MIss Universe once upon a time. Maybe.