Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Hubby's Surprise Party

This weekend I threw a surprise party for Tom!
His birthday was on Friday, but he had class until late that night, so he thought we were going to celebrate the next day.
Little did he know that all his favorite people would be waiting when he got home at 10 pm!!

This is Tom's "surprised" face.
The theme of the party was "gun-totin' rednecks, so I made Tom put on his camo shooting hat as soon as he got home.

For Tom's birthday cake we made a giant shotgun shell. (There was icing sugar everywhere!)
Thanks to Mallory from Livin' Sweet for helping me put it together.
My friend Gaby did the writing for me.

I should also mention my friend Ashley (who's three months' pregnant) did all the cleaning and decorating for the party. Seriously. She was standing on chairs and doing everything I ran out of time to do.

Yay for preggo prictures!

So basically, this party wouldn't have happened without my amazing friends and family to help me out.

Here's Gaby helping make some dessert wontons. (Recipe from Studio 5.)

They're seriously super yummy and super easy if you want to make them.
They have cream cheese, raspberries and white chocolate on the inside.

This is Andrea's stamp of approval!

Me and Tom admiring the birthday cake.

Tom blowing out his candle.

So as part of the theme, I told people to dress in camo, plaid, overalls, or anything that said "I eat rabbit for dinner".
So here are my friends, Gaby, Mallory and Ashley showing off their redneck behinds!

Take a closer look at Gaby's butt.
She totally stuffed it!
I almost died laughing!

Some people really got into the theme.
I captured this shot of our friend Chris and just HAD to Photoshop in the straw. It was the perfect pose!

Here's another great outfit! This is my sister-in-law Andrea. Notice the front of her shirt.

And here's the back.
But my favorite part of her outfit was definitely the white trash nails!

Love them!

In an equally appropriate outfit was her husband Chris.
No, that is not his real hair.
Chris won third prize in our costume contest.

Second prize went to my sis-in-law Ashley.
This is Ashley and her husband Aaron doing their "redneck prom pose".
Take a closer look at Aaron's teeth.

First prize in the costume contest went to my brother-in-law Neil...For obvious reasons.
Check out the redneck tattoos on his arms!

The Nerf shotgun he's holding was one of the main attractions of the party.
We used it in a shooting contest to see who could aim the best.

This was our target. You can see by the names on it, the girls were doing WAY better than the boys.

Gunslinger Andrea WON the shooting contest.

Here are the other shooters:
Gaby, or should I say the "Hunting Princess".

Mallory, who would have would have hit the target no problem if she was shooting with a piping bag.

Chase, who you'd think would have an advantage since he's from Emery County.

Ashley, who's baby bump gave her super strength. She kept shooting both "shells" at the same time.

Thomas, the redneck with style!

Chris G, who showed off by shooting from the hip!

Can you even see Chris H in this pic? He's so camouflaged!

Don't let Holly's purdy outfit fool you! She's VERY experienced with a shotgun!

Ashley barely had to try. She has it in her genes. She's Tom's sister.

I don't have a picture of Nick shooting, but this one is just as good.
Him and his wife were the perfect redneck couple.
They were making out all over the place!
(Just kidding. I made them pose for this pic.)

I also don't have a picture of Tom or Robert taking their turn with the shotgun. Sorry guys!

Here's me getting ready for my turn.
(I didn't even hit the target.)

The reason for the whole "redneck" party was due to Tom's main gift.
I bought him a .22 rifle complete with a scope, a cleaning kit and a carrying case!

The hat on Tom's head was one of his gifts from a friend.
He got lots of cool things...
Including one present wrapped in toilet paper!!
(It was a banana clip.)

He also got a spy kit!

And tons of ammo!

But I must say the weirdest gift he got was this:
As my friend Mallory here so beautifully demonstrates, it's a tool for butts.
It's called Butt Out.
Go ahead and read the directions if you dare.

"Butts" was kind of a reoccurring theme of the party.
This was one of the prizes I gave away.
It's called "Anti-Monkey Butt".
It's a powder you use when you've been sitting on your butt all day waiting for a fish to bite or something like that.
It absorbs sweat and helps with friction.
Best line of the night was when Ashley said "We could have used that in Hawaii!"
Over all, the party was a huge success and Tom loved it!
Thanks to everyone who came!
Happy Birthday Tom!


  1. You are such an awesome wife!!! What a cute idea. Ok, Adam is the one logged in and I'm too lazy to change it...this is actually Jackee!

  2. Yes! Theme parties are the best! Next time we have to have a Youarecute party, though, because I think Chris is getting tired of me dressing up so ugly!

  3. Great time Lesli and Tom! Thanks for the invite. FYI to your readers, the "Butt Out" is on sale at the Walmart by UVU. $1.50! I saw it on an end cap and knew it was for Tom. Happy BDay Mr. T!


  4. Oh man! Looks like we missed out on a lot of fun! You guys look like you have a lot of great friends. Ashley is preggy?? How cute! Tell her I said congrats. Or was it part of her costume? IDK, either way.

  5. My friend Ashley is preggo, not my sis-in-law Ashley. I don't want to start any crazy family rumors. LOL!