Monday, June 21, 2010

Muffin Giveaway!!

I finally bought something I've wanted for YEARS!
A crown muffin pan!
What's a crown muffin pan, you ask? I'll show you!

This is a crown muffin pan.
When I was 16 I worked in a bakery and we used muffin pans like this to make huge muffins!
They're pretty expensive. But I won an amazon gift card a few months back, so I was going to buy myself a present!
The day my muffin pan arrived in the mail, I just HAD to use it.

Crown muffin pans are great because they take regular size muffin cups, so the bottoms are the same size as regular muffins, but the tops are HUGE!

Look at that masterpiece!
Can you guess what kind of muffins we made?
The carrot shavings were Ashley's idea.
She was my official guinea pig.

If you're thinking of buying one, you should know that the muffins take twice as much batter.
One regular muffin recipe (yielding 14-16 muffins), filled all six of my muffin cups.
So when you eat one, it's like you're eating two or three.
But it's sooooooo worth it.
Are you drooling yet?

Here's the giveaway part.
If you live in Utah...
AND you leave a comment about how awesome my muffins are...
I will make you a batch (six muffins).
You can even choose what kind of muffins you want (within reason).

For an extra entry, publicly follow my blog and tell me in a separate comment you are following my blog.

Easy Peasy!
Giveaway closes Sunday night.


  1. I know this will set Tom off about my manly hood, but I must own one! By the way, Tom used to bring us baked goods he made...maybe he was lying and it really was you.

  2. Hmm, sounds curiously like you're fishing for a comment feed similar to that SNL muffin skit, with Betty White... but I will be the first victim in stating that I think your muffins are delicious!

  3. Chris, I know you're a man's man, so you don't have to worry. In other words, you're a man that men, who like men, desire; hence, man's man.

  4. I am following your blog, and loving it. It rocks!

  5. Um... YES please! Yummo! With the muffin skillz! :)

    If I win... I'm thinking I need something... low fat. (stupid diet)
    You got something great tasting and low fat???
    THAT would be a challenge! :)


  6. technically, I live in Utah. Dang Europe...
    they look yummy. Tell Tom not to cheat.

  7. ok so i know i don't live in utag, but if i win, give them to mike and penny and tell hem i baked them! haha jk, but yea ill just give them to them, thanks!

  8. I want muffins! You know the best part of your muffins? You said eating one is like eating 2 or 3 and I thought that it was fitting that those muffins look like they have a 'muffin top', as in the fat roll above the waist. HA ha.

  9. We would LOVE to try out your yummy muffins. And the cool thing would be really easy to get them to us:)! I think something with cinnamon would be fun.

  10. Ok, now I am a follower too. At least I think I did it right. I know, I'm not the most computer savvy person in the world.

  11. Those delicious! Count me in!