Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Utah County Gem called "Now & Then"

Disclaimer: I did not receive any goods, cash, or discounts for writing this post.

You HAVE to visit this store in Utah county.
I don't even know if you can call it a store, it's more of an experience.
I discovered it while looking for photography props.

It's called Now & Then, and it's just down the way from Thanksgiving Point. You can see it from I-15. It's next to "Rod Works."

The store is one-third antiques...

(That's a tobacco cart/stand) consignment... boutique...

(I love love love these boxes!)

...and 100 percent amazing.

(This was one of my FAVORITE items in the store!)

I couldn't believe all the cute stuff I found! And the prices are great!
Right now their necklaces are buy one get one FREE!

All their Campbell's antiques are 50% off! And they have A LOT!

They even have a MAN corner!

This is Dave. He and his wife Nicole own Now & Then.
He was super nice to let me take so many pictures of the store.
He even revealed what sale they're having next month!
In all of August, all of their boutique items will be buy one get one 50% off! That's ONE-THIRD of the entire store!!

Are you ready to see what I bought here? I'm SOOOOO excited about it!

I bought two sizes of these baby-themed baskets to use for my baby shoots. I already got to use this one today! And the best part is, they were only a couple bucks each! I had to ask to make sure the price was right! I heart this store!

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, D.I. (the local thrift store) is selling ugly used sunglasses for $5 each. What's up with THAT!


  1. YES! I'm so excited you blogged about this!
    I can't wait to go and check it out! :)

  2. OH man! Everything is always so far away from me! Maybe next time I am down that way I will have to stop by!

    PS: I will be at Studio 5 again Friday, come say Hi again if you want! :)