Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is not my baby.

Just had to put that out there so I didn't confuse anyone.
This is McKay.
He is six days old in these pictures.
He was the subject/victim of my first real photo shoot.
Most babies just want to sleep at this age, but not this guy. He was wide awake and laughing at our futile attempts to put him to sleep.

As you can see, he did finally fall asleep. The picture above is my favorite from the shoot.
He put his hands like that all by himself.

Who doesn't love a cute baby foot picture?

His momma's hand.

I love naked babies!

Rock-a-bye baby!

Thanks to Jen for letting me take pictures of her newborn baby. It was so fun and such good practice! I didn't even mind when McKay peed and then pooped on my blanket. LOL!

These were all shot with my new 50mm lens using only window light.
I'm also learning lots of new skills in Photoshop!

If anyone wants me to take pictures for them, I'm totally FREE!
I'd like to practice on newborn babies (two weeks old or less), but I'm open to try anything. Just e-mail me. My contact info is on the side of my blog.


  1. So so cute! Makes me even more baby hungry! Great job!

  2. Hey girl! Thanks for putting these munchie pictures of my little guy on your blog! I was talking to my sister who is due in 2 weeks and she totally wants you to take pictures of her up-coming little girl! I'll have her contact you when she is born. You're the best...thanks again for the fun photo shot!

  3. Where you learning the photoshop stuff?

  4. Neat photoprint ID mark! I like it.

  5. o.o

    I THOUGHT I HAD A STROKE!!!!!!!!!1

    but i knew i was pregnant....

  6. seriously????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? O.O

    it kinda looks like me


  7. I had no idea you are a photographer! Those look awsome! And what a cute baby! Good job girlie!