Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Logo & My First Engagement Photos

Remember when I posted this picture on facebook a few weeks ago?

These are Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies and I made them for my good friend Dave.

(Not a real mustache)
Dave works in the graphics department at KSL.
I enlisted his talents to make me a new photography logo!

A pretty good trade if I do say so myself!
I already have business cards so Dave used the colors and fonts on the cards to match the logo.
And I've officially decided to go back to my original business name, Harker Studios.
Because I'm pretty sure one day I'll add video services (since that is what I do for a living at KSL.)

I even have a new facebook page to go with my new logo!
Just search for "Harker Studios". (I'll have a URL soon)
I'm working on a new blog too, because "The Harker Herald" was never supposed to be a photography blog. I want to keep this one about the Harkers!

But until then, you have to put up with my photography posts.

The first photos to get my new logo are from my first engagement photo shoot!

This is Ginny and Evan.
They are getting married next weekend and I will be there!
It will be my first time photographing a wedding!

These are my favorite pictures from the shoot.

I passed this field on my way home from work one day and was determined to shoot there.
Luckily Ginny and Evan were game to put on some boots and walk through 6-foot-tall weeds and mud for me.

I LOVE how these pictures turned out.
And they didn't even mind when I wanted to get a little artsy!

We also found this huge rusty pipe nearby. A photographers DREAM!
But I won't tell you what was spray-painted inside the pipe. That wasn't so dreamy. :S


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  2. My favourite engagement photo is the third one down. Did they use one for their invitation?

  3. I wish we could have used these for our invites! We didn't get the engagements done in time for that... We're getting married on Saturday! :D I am going to be using these pictures for the signing book though!

    I love the work Lesli did! Thank you so much!

  4. These pictures are so gorgeous! I wish you were around when I was engaged!

  5. That last shot is pretty much amazing -- magazine quality! I also love the ones with them blurred out in the background -- gorgeous! You are turning into quite the little photographer, I am impressed.