Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Talented Niece

I recently discovered one of my teenage nieces is a budding fashion designer!

This is me and my niece Jennifer about 4 and a half years ago.
Yeah, it's an old picture, but it's one of the only ones I have of us together.

Anyway, on her blog, Ginger Fashions, she shows off all the cool stuff she's made.
She's designed skirts, a swimsuit, a purse, and she modifies her clothes all the time.
She's crazy talented for a teenager!

In one blog post, she showed off what she can do with fabric markers.
I liked her design so much, I asked her to make me one!

This is my own original t-shirt designed by my own niece!

I LOVE it and one day it's going to be worth millions!

Thanks for the gorgeous shirt Jenn!
And keep up the great work!
You're inspiring!
Love you!


  1. WOW, your niece is sooooo gorgeous!!!! And her designing skills, AMAZING!!!!! <3