Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crepes Crepes Crepes!

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, one of my favorite things in the entire world is CREPES!
But not just any crepe will do.
I am a crepe snob!

That's why I was STOKED to find a new crepe restaurant opened in Utah County!
It's called Roll Up Crepes.
Studio 5 asked if I would go check it out and take pictures for the show.
Best assignment ever!

This is the Nutella Strawberry Crepe. A staple of mine.
So delicious!

But they also have savory crepes like this one.
It's a turkey pesto crepe with cranberry drizzle.
Yeah, you might need to be adventurous to try it, but so worth it. I absolutely loved it!

The decor of this place also turns heads.
Like the fact there's a giant owl outside...

...Lots of owls inside...

...And a big tree in the middle of the restaurant!

Look closer at the tree and you'll see an engraving.
C&L stands for Curtis and Lexi.
The newlyweds that own Roll Up Crepes.
Guess how young they are!
Lexi is only 19 and her husband is 24.

Cutest couple ever!
They told me they started the business so they would never have to be apart.

Here's my friend Ashley showing off the chocolatey goodness.

And here's me licking chocolate off my knife.

And here's the menu now that you inevitably want to go there.
You'll find it at 1605 S State St, Orem, UT
And www.rollupmycrepe.com.

Other notes:
They have live music on Fridays and Saturdays.
All of their staff can sing (on top of their crepe-making skills).

They are open until 1 a.m. every night (closed Sundays.)


  1. Hi LA, my name is Jennifer. I am having a birthday party for my daughter and would like to have it photographed. It is a Mad Hatter Tea Party and I'm going all out on the decorating. It is also a costume party. Would you consider doing something like that and how much would you charge? The party is June 30th. Thanks,
    Jennifer Reed

  2. Hi Jennifer. That sounds like a blast!! E-mail me at lesli@harkerstudios.com and tell me what time your daughter's party is and we can go from there! Thanks!

  3. What a great assignment! I love crepes too, so let's go there together soon! Also, you look SMOKIN HOT in the owl picture! Woot woot!