Monday, March 21, 2011

Shooting Guns and Pictures

Tom and I went shooting last weekend with some friends of ours.
I figured I would do most of my "shooting" with the camera, but our friends brought sooooo many cool guns.
And I got to shoot all of them!

This is me shooting the 9mm handgun. You can even see the cartridge flying out of the gun! How cool is that!

I even got to shoot a high-powered rifle. Check out the size of the ammo! That gun had more kickback than a shotgun!

Here's another pistol I got to shoot.

This is the gun Tom got for his birthday.
He's sighting in the rifle.

You better be smiling Tom, that gun and scope was PRICY!

The Barsh brothers shooting their guns.

Gaby, James, and Brother Barsh shooting three of their guns. Do you see how many more are on the ground? This family is hard core!
Our good friends Steve and Gaby. Gaby looks HOT holding a gun!

Tom and his new .22!

This is the latest gun Tom added to our little collection. He bought it with me in mind because it's a lot shorter and lighter than his other shotgun.

He even bought me some PINK shotgun shells!!
(They matched my pink boots!)
I've never been so excited to go shooting in my life!

This was my first time shooting clay pigeons.
I'm proud to say I actually shot one!
Those pink shells were good luck!
(Funny story, when I posted this on my Facebook, some family members thought I actually shot a pigeon. I had to clarify it was made of CLAY.)

My shotgun shell casings. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Just looking at this picture makes me SUPER EXCITED to go and shoot more pink shells!
But I have to wait until my shoulder gets better.
It is soooo sore and bruised today. (Because I'm a weakling.)


  1. watch out Bambi...Lesli is coming after you!

  2. pink shells? really? you're so funny. :D

  3. Add a close-up picture of a clay pigeon to show what you were trying to 'bust up on the fly'. Most people have never seen one. What were you slinging them with? A hand sling or a spring-loaded one?

  4. We were using a hand sling, but Tom has a spring-loaded one I got him for Christmas.