Friday, March 11, 2011

I meet Mark Brunetz!

Mark Brunetz is the designer on CLEAN HOUSE!
It's a show on the Style Network Tom and I used to watch ALL the time when we had cable.
Now we watch it ALL the time on Netflix!
He's in town for the weekend for the Spring Home and Garden Show (which I'm going to tomorrow) and today he came to do a segment on Studio 5 on how to make a "mom cave".
Of course I had to sneak in to get a picture!

Not sure why the flash went off. There was more than enough light in the studio. I knew I should have brought my SLR.
Note to self: Celebrities deserve the SLR.
Brooke looks FABULOUS is this picture. I'm jealous.
I was so excited Mark's arm was around me, I think I forgot to look pretty.
But I don't care because I GOT TO MEET MARK BRUNETZ!!!
He was sooooo nice and he even gave me a hug. Or maybe I gave him a hug. I can't remember. It's all a blur now.

Have you noticed this post is basically a complete ramble? It's because I'm still so excited!!!

Here's a little promo for Clean House if you've never seen the show.

Basically they go into a ridiculously cluttered home. Convince the owners to part ways with ugly nick-nacks. Sell all their junk at a giant yard sale. Then they use that money to redecorate, refurnish, and reorganize the home. And mixed in are a ton of cheesy one-liners and bad jokes, which usually make me and Tom fall over laughing.
It's GOLD!

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  1. I wish I would have read this earlier so I could have gone to the home and garden show with you! Oh wait. It was Brody's birthday. And 2 kids were sick... You'll have to tell me all about it!