Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ukraine Temple Promo

It wouldn't be General Conference in Utah without a documentary from Carole Mikita.
Here's the promo I produced for her documentary on the Kiev, Ukraine Temple running this Sunday at noon on KSL 5 TV.


  1. Good promo! But isn't Kiev pronounced "Kee-ev'", not "keeev"?

  2. It's certainly pronounced kee-ev when we talk about chicken! HEHEHE!

  3. Maybe show this link to the announcer who said it:

  4. It's definitely KEEEEEEV. Kee-ev is Russian, and since Ukraine had been an independent country for 13 years(?), the real Ukrainian way to say it is Keev. Even President Monson pronounced it Keev when he talked about the trip during Conference.
    Most people just don't know how to pronounce it right.