Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Balloon Guy

Meet the Balloon Guy, AKA Jeremy Telford!
He's one of the best balloon artists in the whole world!
And he was on Studio 5 today.
The creation in the picture above is a DJ spinning some turntables.

This is Snow White!
She even has a apple in her hand!

I LOVE her!

For Studio 5, the Balloon Guy spent NINE HOURS creating a "balloonscape" for the Studio 5 set.
Check it out!

The best part of my day? I got to snag the bunny and the bouquet of flowers!

The Balloon Guy makes a living off making people smile. I absolutely love that. It's so inspiring!
I always thought my job was pretty cool, but I have to admit, working in a T.V. newsroom can also be depressing. There are so many sad stories.
But no worries about that now, because I have these colorful creations sitting on my desk at work. They make EVERYONE smile!
Check out the Balloon Guy's other creations HERE.


  1. I loved watching Brooke's expresssion through the entire balloon segment... haha

  2. Is it wrong that I want him for my wedding!?!
    He can be the decorator!

  3. These are soooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want some.....!!!!!

  4. Our friend's had him come throw their little boy's party. Imagine, if you will, a gigantic ballon Bumblebee Transformer. It was AMAZING and every kid thought it was real. And then they all got their own balloon creation. Pretty sweet. I say, go, Balloon Man, go.