Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun with Child Models

This is Ashlee and Briana. They are some of the cutest kids I know!
Turns out they also make beautiful models!
They were nice enough to help me out with a photography assignment I had a while back.
The assignment was to use an off-camera flash to mimic the effect of the sun (to create a halo-like effect).
Some of these pictures have the effect, some don't. We just had lots of fun taking pictures.
Here are my fav shots.
(There are no actions and no editing on these shots other than the watermark)

I brought leis and butterfly sunglasses to make the pictures interesting.
The girls LOVED them!

I LOVE Ashlee's smile in this picture.

I'm pretty sure Briana was born to model. She came up with the best poses!

Around the corner from where we did our photo shoot. there was this open garage with a broken down truck. So we took some pictures here too.

These girls were seriously in sync with everything they did.
This pose took no prompting. They just did the exact same thing!

Thanks for the fun photo shoot girls!


  1. They had so much fun! Thanks for asking them. I ordered a photo book for Ashlee, I can't wait until we get it.

  2. Great pics as usual! You are born to take pics!

  3. Those turned out so cute! Totally looked like an Old Navy advertisement, lol! That's so cool you just fell upon that truck, where was that at?

  4. It was on Geneva road in Orem. Let me know if you ever want me to take you there.