Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to "Ad-nalysis Sundays!"

(The day of the week where I spare my husband from listening to me blab on about clever ads and share my thoughts with the blogging world instead.)

My first Ad-nalysis is Big Red - the Verizon Version!

Remember these commercials from the 80's and 90's?

Imagine my surprise when I saw this commercial come on T.V.

Different product. Same song!

I'm still wondering how Verizon got the rights to do this, but hats off to them. My mouth instantly starts watering for gum every time I see it.

Oh wait, that wasn't the point of the commercial? Dang.

Another fail on Verizon's part is when the "Big Red" song gets stuck in my head, I'm singing, "So kiss a little longer" lyrics, not, "So browse the web much better."

Mind you, there are some brilliant lyrics in the Verizon version. Like "You’ll watch YouTube on a Horse..." Cracks me up every time because it's so random.

Over all, this could be an ad for toilet cleaner and I would still like it. It's clever, without actually being original. The ultimate lazy-but-still-good promotion, and I certainly can appreciate that. (Because, you know, I'm a promotions producer.)

What do you think of Big Red - the Verizon Version?

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  1. Exactly the same reaction. I laughed so hard when I saw the Verizon one for the first time.