Monday, March 15, 2010

Truffle Winner

And the winner is....ANDREA!!!

Wondering what you won? You are the proud owner of one dozen Oreo truffles AND one dozen Oreo mint Truffles. Wow, that's a lot of truffles! Aren't you glad you read The Harker Herald and leave comments? (The truffles will be ready to pick up on Wednesday.)

I swear there was no favoritism. The number was chosen by

Andrea said, "Ok. And now I am a public follower. (And I better get some chocolate outta that one, because stalking yours privately was so delicious before...)"

Mwahahaha! My plan worked. I am happy to report I have THREE new public followers thanks to this giveaway.

So thanks to my lovely readers and thanks to the lovely Mallory for playing along.


  1. I AM ECSTATIC! And finally going to bed. I will be dreaming about truffles. And hopefully I won't eat my pillow. THANKS!