Monday, March 22, 2010

Studio 5 Promo

One of the best parts of my job is making the commercials for Studio 5.

(I love that I get a sneak peak of their projects before anyone else.)

A few times a year I make what's called a POP (Proof of Performance) spot. This is when we highlight all the awesome things Studio 5 has been up to lately (and the things that make Studio 5 "Utah's number 1 lifestyle show").

Here is the POP for spring! It will be running all this week on KSL Channel 5.

Side note: You'll notice we highlighted the Rose Form project by local blogger Shelly Smith. Along with everyone else in Utah, I fell in LOVE with her project and even made a rose ball at home. (Once I've made a few more I'll post some pictures.)

I commented on Shelley's blog to tell her how much I loved her project and to my surprise she e-mailed me back!

I'm happy to report we are now BBFFs (Blogger Best Friends Forever)!


    I'm so happy to see this! WOW... I feel so special!
    THANKS for telling me!!!