Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Polaroid

For my 27th birthday last month I got a new camera!
Not a new SLR.  Not a new digital camera.
A film camera!

As you can see, it's not just any film camera.
It's an INSTAX camera.
Instax, by Fujifilm, is the new Polaroid.
You take a picture, and voila, it pops out of the top of the camera.

When I told my hubby this is what I wanted for my birthday, he didn't even know what it was.
I first saw them on Studio 5 because these cameras are really hot with scrapbookers.
And while I'm not exactly a scrapbooker, I figured I could find more than enough ways to use this camera.

Even though Tom had never heard of this camera before, he outdid himself by finding me a PINK ONE!
I didn't even know they MADE pink ones!

I got to try it out on my nephew during my birthday dinner at Outback steakhouse.

I forget that kids these days have never seen or heard of Polaroid pictures.
So sad.
But to see my nephew's face light up as he watched the image slowly appear in the picture?
Just another reason they think I'm the COOLEST AUNT EVER!
(That, and I'm married to Crazy Uncle Tom.)

Happy birthday to me!


  1. Very cool! I hadn't heard of these yet either. What's the difference between it and the old-fashioned Polaroids?

  2. I have a friend with one of fun!
    Happy birthday

  3. There isn't a huge difference between this camera and a polaroid, other than the design. Polaroid doesn't exist anymore, so someone else moved into the instant picture market.

  4. Finn looks like he's in pain, haha

  5. I remember polariods! so fun!!

  6. Aww man, i remember Jenn had one of those and i was always so jealous!!