Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Freak Accident at the Harker Home

A couple nights ago T.B. Harker and I were in our home office. It's a small room. T.B. was at the computer. I was sitting in our IKEA chair with my laptop. I know, sweet quality time right?

When out of nowhere, THIS HAPPENED!

The ceiling lamp fell off the ceiling! You can see how close we were sitting! Luckily it didn't hit the floor, or any of us, but it still almost made me pee my pants!

Maybe our house is haunted! Wouldn't that be cool?!


  1. Um...kind of cool. And kind of scary. A lot. :)Glad you weren't hurt!

  2. Its a good thing that your electrician couple your wires properly, or you would have had a light fall on you and a shower or sparks if the light was on at th time it fell.

  3. creepy. But I'm sure you know WHO YOU're GONNA CALL if you need to catch some ghosts.