Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Cruise

Most people don't like reading travelogues. Myself included. So rather than bore you to death with details from our cruise, here are some of the random things we saw. Hope they make you giggle as much as they made me giggle.

Every night the cabin steward would fold our towels into something adorable!
Like a pig!An Elephant!
I think this is a dinosaur.And last but not least, a heart!

Then, there were always fun carvings around the ship.
This Santa is made from mashed potatoes. Cool eh?
An ice carving of Santa and his reindeer.

In Ensenada, Mexico, they had a strange nativity scene where the Baby Jesus had a head bigger than Mary and Joseph.Then there was the giant statue made from whale bone. Those crazy Mexicans!
If I get good feedback from these or I get requests, I will post more pictures from our trip. Or I might just post more anyway. Depends how bored I get in the next few days.


  1. Post more!! I love the carvings! And I totally want to hear about the trip.

  2. Aren't those towel things the best? I seriously looked forward to what I would find next! And interesting whale creation...I've been to Ensenada, but never seen that little gem. LUCKY!

  3. that mashed potato santa is a little disturbing. I still think it is so fun that you guys went on a cruise for christmas! what I want to know is, how many mexican ladies tried to do your hair in corn braids?

  4. Post more Pictures :D