Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Silly Bandz and Chocolate Bars

My parents and two nieces are visiting us right now. They're all from Canada.
Check out the loot they brought me!

Tons of Canadian Chocolate Bars! And this is after we ate 4 of them!
Oh Henry is not a Canadian Chocolate Bar you say?
I bet to differ.
In the U.S., Oh Henry is made by Nestle.
In Canada, it's made by Hershey.
The Hershey version is A MILLION times better. It's one of my FAV Canadian chocolate bars.

My nieces also brought me these:
I've wanted some for a long time.
Look at all the fun shapes!

There's wild animals, farm animals, Disney Princesses, sea animals, and Disney characters.
I look sooooo hip when I'm wearing them! LOL!


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  2. I want the yummy Cadbury bar that is like toffee that melts in your mouth. I think it's a Cadbury Crunch. They are so yummy and not found here.

  3. For the record, Lesli is somewhat delusional--the Canadian Oh Henry tastes about as different as Canadian Oreos... (as different as you'd like to imagine).

  4. OOOHHHHHHh.... Now I get what silly bandz are, useless pieces of plastic that look nothing like a fun animal shape the way you wear them!

  5. Man - I miss Canadian candy. I lived for a while in Michigan and we'd travel to Canada quite a bit. My ALL TIME favorite ever - anywhere, are Smarties by Nestle. They're like M&M's only way better (and been around longer too). Now I need some...and you can't find them in Utah :-(

  6. Tom is Crazy. There is a huge difference between Oh Henry's here and there.
    Jackee, the chocolate bar your thinking of is CRUNCHIE! I love those too. I'll put in a request next time we have family in town.
    Mr. Big's are AMAZING!
    Sorry Ryan, but Smarties are the only Canadian candies I don't like. They're gross. M&M's are way better!

  7. Canadian Kit Kat is better too! In Canada it is by Nestle and in the States it is by Hersey...opposite of Oh Henry! HAHAHA
    Smarties are great but even better in the UK!

  8. i like chicken noodles

  9. cccccccchhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn

  10. try freezing m and ms i never liked them b4 i did that but my friend told me to try them and i did and fell in love...